Introduction – The State of the Legacy Sector


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The data and trends shaping the UK legacy fundraising sector – a post-lockdown reality check

The last few years have been overshadowed by a perfect storm of challenges including Brexit and the 2019 delay in probate service notifications – then 2020 brought the global pandemic. Will the landscape of legacy giving be as rosy as predicted? How much has it changed since Smee & Ford presented their 5-year trends back in 2018?  How has Covid-19 changed donor’s legacy giving plans and priorities?

We tackle these issues head on in an exclusive opening session in which will use a combination of the very latest Smee & Ford data and qualitative research gained from conversations with leading wealth advisors, solicitors and over 32,000 supporters. The findings will present a brand-new perspective on the future potential for legacy giving and debate the external factors that are making an impact on potential future legacy donors’ propensity to give.

  • The full 2019 legacy giving data update – Mark Pincher, Head of data management, Smee & Ford
  • A year like no other? External factors affecting the legacy giving sector – Richard Radcliffe, Radcliffe Consulting
  • Long term legacy trends and legacy planning post Covid19 – Richard Radcliffe, Radcliffe Consulting and Mark Pincher, Head of data management, Smee & Ford
  • Interactive questions and poll

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