"Great varied subjects & very reasonable to attend because no travel expenditure "
"Engaging speakers and good digital platform "
"Really great speakers, great platform to engage and feel like you're part of discussions and chance to network. "
"Lots of information here that I couldn't get anywhere else without a lot of time and effort "
"Great range of workshops and speakers - from large to small charities. Something for everyone. "
"Excellent presentations, insightful strategy advice and key opportunity to meet other legacy professionals and learn from them "
"Brilliant case studies from a great cross section of charities and topic for panel was 'hot topic' trend of moment "
"Always good to see what other organisations are doing and keeping up with trends in UK. "
"All information highly relevant. Generous sharing of key learning points from legacy strategy and campaigns "
"Always great content and lots to take away "
"User friendly, lots of breaks, very interactive, wonderful host! "
"This is one of the best legacy conferences, so I always try to attend. This year I like the fact that there was again a great mixture of talks - it was really well balanced. Well done! "
"It was seamless for an online conference and the content very varied for a lay person. Thank you all "
"For a new starter in this field, I found the data helpful and the clear message that legacy represents the biggest income stream charities can have "
"It was interesting to hear about how the pandemic has affected legacies and how it could change future trends. "
"I liked hearing all of the stats which are so useful to know and taking tips from other legacy professionals on how they steward supporters. "
"I really enjoyed hearing all of the experiences being shared by the panelists - very insightful indeed! "
"A great event, thank you to all the speakers, hosts and organising team for sharing such amazing work and ideas "
"As someone who is new to the legacy industry, this event will be something that influences my decisions going forward when it comes to development and strategy for my charity. "
"I enjoyed hearing about the increased interest in gifts in wills and legacies from the younger generation. "