Connecting and growing donor groups with in-Memory strategy 
  • Building on your existing networks: alumni, members, supporter groups 
  • The route from In-Memory giver to legacy pledger 
Ethical considerations around free wills  
  • Who might be influencing your donor’s choices? 
  • The fallout from Remote and “Zoom” wills - the new legal requirements of a free will service. 
The search for new legacy prospects: Micro-mining your donor database:  
  • How can legacy teams better analyse their data to cultivate a wider pipeline of expected and stewarded legacy pledges? 
  • Donor habits – mapping their whole charity giving profile & key touchpoints over a lifetime. 
Does your digital campaign reflect the diversity of donor audiences and supporters? 
  • How diverse is your donor audience in 2024?  
  • Is your legacy campaign ageist?! Making your Digital campaigns accessible to all donor groups 
How can legacy fundraising campaigns connect with faith-based groups?  
  • Donor preferences and commitments – tapping into belief-linked giving habits.  
  • The powerful role of language and imagery in your campaign and comms 
Award-winning legacy campaigns and legacy projects on a shoestring:  
  • We showcase 4 case studies from the Legacy Giving Awards 2024, to highlight the innovation, creativity and excellence taking place in UK legacy strategies.