Clare Sweeney

Keepace Consults

Clare is an experienced fundraiser who left the commercial sector to apply marketing and communication skills to income generation for the third sector. She helped set up a charity in 2012 and since the beginning, Legacy fundraising has been something that has fascinated Clare. It is a deeply personal way of providing support for a cause, demonstrating a real connection. Clare believes that legacy income ought to be celebrated by everyone within a charity and is passionate about equipping internal and external teams to have the confidence to talk about legacies.

Clare has worked with many charities across the sector, from conservation to Hospices, arts to air ambulances and works across the full fundraising mix. She believes this is important as legacy messages need to feed into all communications if the full potential of unpredictable legacy income is to be unlocked. Clare works both in-house providing support to fundraising teams in order to keep up to date with current charity challenges and has a legacy fundraising consultancy, Keepace Consults, providing training and development, for fundraisers, trustees and charities as a whole.