Growing a Legacy Strategy


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Successful legacy events in this era – the practical differences and advantages of virtual and face-to-face events

Long seen as a proven method of attracting potential legacy donors at the right point in their life, are legacy events worth the cost and effort? How have legacy events evolved during the lockdown months – and which methods of delivery are here to stay?  In this session we speak with a hospice that used the lockdown period to bring in significant additional funds, increase awareness of its legacy campaign and keep its events programme moving forward – all during a pandemic.

  • What is the aim of a legacy event - who to invite, which donors, and how?
  • Logistics basics of the traditional event
  • The virtual legacy event – what we achieved and what we have learned?
  • Key messages for all staff
  • Measuring success - evaluation and follow up

What do we really know about our supporters? 

In an era where many donors expect a more personalised interaction with the charities they support, how can legacy fundraisers adapt communication strategies to reflect a deeper level of donor understanding and enhance the supporter experience?

  • Reflecting your deeper knowledge of your donor in all communications
  • What is best practise stewardship?
  • Developing a more donor focused journey
  • Donor contact and interaction during the Covid-19 era

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