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14 - June 2018




Bequeathed are pioneers of legacy fundraising through online Will-writing.

Over 5 years, their lawyers have built a comprehensive online Will with systematic giving prompts. It’s so good, law firms use it. Bequeathed have delivered above-average rates of pledges in two pilots with 7 charities, creating compliant processes and in-depth reporting.

Bequeathed differ from others by serving the best interests of both consumers and law firms. And that’s in a charity’s interests.

If your legacy strategy involves meeting supporters’ needs fully and working with, not against, law firms, telephone Jon Brewer on 07799 719901 or email

You can also visit the Bequeathed website here


Sponsorship enquiries

Sponsorship of the Legacy Strategy Summit gives you great brand exposure, thought leadership and networking opportunities. The event will bring together business leaders in fundraising from the UK’s most well-known charities. 

If you are interested in sponsoring the Legacy Strategy Summit, please contact:

Catherine Alderson
T: 020 7566 5762

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